You’re the manager!

Stay tuned for the next chapter of Fantasy Music Manager – a game in sync with real life.

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  • How to play sign.f5cfd7b4506371ba82c7e10bda314060

    Pick your artists

    Fill your lineup with artists you believe in.

  • How to play earn.e1a10940601e7745d68aab88b41668fe

    Earn points

    As your artists play gigs, they will be reviewed. Great reviews = lots of points!

  • How to play climb.d09e84e73995382ddef0cf42f241fcb3

    Climb the chart

    You’ll compete against other players in each game, battling for the most points.

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Mosaic sign.6e3ef9f2da73e9251c98d35f3922b228
Mosaic place.25a8b192ad334a96c43ccbc65444464f
Mosaic artist.41d02ee6037d761dca1c55e6eca39ff7
Mosaic decoration.a6e2d2e4b6f7c749e2e5ebd66ecec2da
Mosaic show.948d6bd09458b17c69c30bbabd130315